To weigh up covering our costs, encouraging attendance on the day, and making BSides Bristol 2019 an accessible event even for those on low incomes, both paid and free tickets are available. By purchasing a ticket you’re helping to support BSides Bristol and freeing up tickets for those that might not be able to. Here’s a run-down of the ticket types and their schedule.

  • Early bird – If you’re seriously keen to attend BSides Bristol 2019 and able to support the event financially, buying an early bird ticket guarantees you entry without hoping for a ticket in the free round, which we expect will be very popular.
  • General Admission – Both free and paid-for tickets will be available closer to the event. By this point, you’ll have a good idea of the event schedule.

We’ll announce hotel recommendations and any deals we can secure with them in the coming months.

Release Schedule

Our first batch of early bird tickets were released without any warning and sold out within two hours. Further planned ticket releases will be detailed here. We’ve designed to schedule to accommodate both day and night time workers.

  • 06:00 GMT 7th March 2019 – Early Bird #2 (50 paid tickets)
  • 03:00 GMT 12th March 2019 – Early Bird #3 (50 paid tickets)
  • 11:00 GMT 4th April 2019 – Early Bird #4 (100 paid tickets)
  • 06:00 GMT 13th May 2019 – General Admission (100 paid tickets)
  • 03:00 GMT 15th May 2019 – General Admission (100 paid tickets)
  • 06:00 GMT 20th May 2019 – General Admission (100 free tickets)

Ticket Terms

Nobody likes to read pages and pages of complicated terms and conditions. We’re a not-for-profit community event and we want BSides Bristol 2019 to be as relaxed as possible. Here’s the key points regarding tickets:

  • Tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled. In the unlikely event of BSides Bristol 2019 being cancelled all paid-for ticket purchases will receive a full refund of the value paid.
  • Tickets guarantee the holder entrance to both days of the event
  • Tickets are transferable, including between days, but tickets only cover one person per day. On checkout, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a second user for the ticket. Tickets are valid for one named person per day.
  • If for whatever reason you are unable to attend and you have purchased or received a ticket, please let us know you wont be coming or are giving the ticket away to somebody that will. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for ticket cancellations. If you are transferring tickets, drop us an email at [email protected] so we can update the name on the ticket. Please let us know your ticket reference.
  • If you are chosen as a presenter or volunteer we’ll refund your ticket and put it back on sale for somebody else.

Getting tickets

Tickets will not be available on the door.

The tickets are made available through Ticket Tailor, a well regarded alternative to EventBrite with significantly lower costs. Tickets can be purchased through this page but payment and data handling is done through Ticket Tailor, using BSides Bristol’s stripe account for payment processing. If you experience any technical difficulties in getting tickets please contact us at [email protected]