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A Speaker

01 / WHY

Volunteering for BSides Bristol means you will be part of something special, meet incredible people, and learn new skills. It is hard work, but you will be part of a team of amazing people. BSides Bristol would simply not run without our volunteers. Plus, there is an exclusive volunteer t-shirt, lunch, free entry to all areas, and swag!

02 / WHAT

There are lots of activities that we need help with during the event and these could include;

  • Checking people in at the registration desk

  • Handling distribution of t-shirts and other swag

  • Monitoring the rooms to make sure talks run to schedule

  • Technical support for the presentation, AV, or recording equipment

  • General help and stewarding of visitors

  • Making sure visitors and volunteers get fed at lunchtime!

03 / HOW

Fill out the volunteer application form and one of the core team will be in touch.


Call for Papers (CfP)

Anyone who would like to submit a paper can do so by filling out the form here. The deadline is clearly displayed on the form. 



The BSides Bristol team ensures that all papers will be selected on merit and content rather than who submitted them, but we do ask for demographic data in order to better represent all of the community.  


Papers are reviewed by a panel of volunteers representing a wide selection of the cybersecurity community who will assess the relevance of each submission, considering factors such as how innovative, novel, and interesting the paper is. The volunteers include Board members.



Based on the results of the review process, the panel will select the papers that they think will be of most interest to the BSides Bristol community. 



All submissions will be notified if they have been successful or not. For those who are successful, we will confirm which track they are speaking on and ask for some additional information for scheduling purposes. Notification of selection will be done one month before the event date, via email.

Board Selections

We choose all talks based on merit, while keynote presentations (both opening and closing) are determined by the BSides Bristol Board. We limit these types of talks as our priority is to offer opportunities primarily to distinct speakers, in line with our merit-driven selection approach.



Sponsorship alone does not secure a speaking slot. Sponsors must still submit papers for review by the panel. Our conference prioritises community involvement, ensuring equal speaking opportunities for all.

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