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BSides Bristol is proud to announce that we will be hosting a rookie track at this year’s event. This is a perfect opportunity for those who have always wanted to present a talk, but never quite had the opportunity, or felt they needed a little extra guidance. 

The talks will be up to 20 minutes, on a subject of your choosing and you will be assigned a mentor. This will be someone who has given a talk before, and will help to guide you through what it takes to stand up and speak. The content will be yours, but you will not be alone. 

We are open to any level of experience, whether you are starting out, or have been working in the industry for many years, as long as you have something to say and you have not had the opportunity before, we welcome your submission. 

Rookies, please follow the Speakers link, or click the link on this page to apply. Ensure that you mark your application as ‘Rookie Track’. We will then contact you for a quick conversation so we can get to know you a little more, and match you up with a mentor.


What equipment do I need to bring?
We expect the rookie to bring their own device. We have AV adapters, however if your device has an unusual display connection that you contact us ahead of time.

Which day of BSides Bristol 2024 will be for rookies?

How long will my presentation need to be?
We have allowed for a maximum of 20 minutes, we would not recommend going below 15 minutes, but also allow time for questions.

What subject can I cover?
Any subject that can be considered Security or security adjacent. This can include speaking on soft skills, talking about a cool new exploit, or a new methodology for an established process. The choice is yours. We will review all submissions.

What if I change my mind about the subject?
Please contact us if your change is significant, your mentor will help to decide if the change is considered ‘significant’. We need to ensure there is no duplication with other rookies.

Can I bring a support human?
Yes, a limited number of tickets are available for support humans. Sadly we cannot accommodate support animals.

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